Finding A Way To Get There Is Only The First Challenge To Living On Mars

Many people think that humans living on Mars is inevitable. Right now, though, we have a lot of challenges to overcome before we can even take the first step to colonizing the Red Planet. With our current forms of space travel, it would take so long to get there that humans might fall ill with radiation poisoning first. The harsh temperatures and atmosphere would force Mars travelers to either stay in shelters or wear spacesuits, unless we figured out how to terraform the planet. And that's before we even find a way to feed ourselves over the long term. Explore this topic with the videos below.

How Will We Get To Mars?

There are a number of things we need to figure out before we set foot on the Red Planet.

Is It Possible To Terraform Mars?

Could we ever get the conditions right on Mars to let humans live without spacesuits?

What Will We Eat On Mars?

Forget freeze-dried protein packs. Future Mars travelers may need to cook.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Historically, space food has been made for the short term. Food on a mission to Mars would have to last for years. 00:51

  2. In a call for recipe submissions, the HI-SEAS site received suggestions such as spicy veggie rolls and Cajun jambalaya. 01:32

  3. Spices and hot sauce are an essential part of any space mission for two reasons. 02:16

Could We Play Baseball on Mars?

Once you've figured out how to survive on another planet, it's time to figure out how to have fun.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. On Mars, the atmosphere is thinner so there would be less air resistance on the ball. This would make curveballs very difficult. 01:59

  2. Martian gravity is about 40% of Earth's gravity. This might mean the infield would need to be bigger. 05:25

  3. If you extended the back of the field to account for longer home runs, that would enlarge the outfield's area, requiring more outfielders. 06:01

Written by Curiosity Staff July 26, 2016

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