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FiberFix Repair Wrap Is 100 Times Stronger Than Duct Tape

Things fall apart. Our entire universe thrives on entropy, which brings about a gradual yet dutiful fall toward chaos and disorder. And while we may not be entirely in tune with the massive disarray that engulfs our planet and solar system, we are very much aware of the disarray that plagues our homes and lives on a regular basis. Look around. Right now. How much broken stuff can you see?

Come Together, Right Now

Through seemingly no fault of our own, chairs break, pipes leak, fishing rods snap in half (adding insult to injury after losing that big catch), cabinets fall to pieces - the list is endless. And when it comes to repairing this type of seemingly low-level damage, our minds instinctively turn toward Duct Tape; that age-old, cloth-backed tape coated with polyethylene that can be found in practically every home.

Turns out, that handy roll of tape is not your best bet. Although Duct Tape can make for a handy quick fix, it's a remedy that's sadly short-lived, and subsequently overrated. Duct Tape frays, doesn't do well in wet environments, bends, breaks, and leaves behind a famously obnoxious sticky residue that's nearly impossible to remove. Roll with Duct Tape if you want, but there are better options.

FiberFix Repair Wrap, albeit lesser-known than Duct Tape, is astronomically tougher, more reliable, and more practical, and right now you can pick up a 3-Roll Bundle for over 30% off at just $12.99.

Sticky Situation

When we say that FiberFix Repair Wrap is tougher than Duct Tape, we mean it. In fact, FiberFix Repair Wrap is literally 100 times stronger than Duct Tape, meaning it shouldn't even be forced to reside in the same general category. Cracked broom, split pipe, snapped garden tools, broken fishing pole — don't throw anything out, just repair it quickly and easily with FiberFix. All you have to do is slip on your gloves, soak FiberFix in water, apply to any surface needing repair, and wait for 10 minutes.

Think of the countless hours and dollars you'll save using FiberFix Repair Wrap to fix things that would usually require a professional, or at least a lengthy trip to the hardware store. Sure, you have the option to call a $100/hour plumber when faced with a leaky pipe — bringing the final cost of the fix to hundreds of dollars along with several hours of wait time. A much better option, however, would be to simply whip out your FiberFix Repair Wrap and patch that leak up on the spot. The same goes for breaks in your furniture, cracks in your car, leaks in your fridge — the list is endless, thanks to the fact that FiberFix is both tougher than steel and incredibly malleable at the same time.

This 3-roll bundle includes two rolls of FiberFix 2" Repair Wrap, one roll of FiberFix 1" Repair Wrap, three pairs of gloves, two pieces of sandpaper, three vinyl strips, and instructions, leaving you with no excuse not to ditch your Duct Tape, say goodbye to your overpriced repairman, and start living easier with FiberFix. The entire bundle is on sale for just $12.99 - that's over 30% off its regular price.

Written by Curiosity Staff August 16, 2017

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