Ferrari Land Delights Car Lovers And Thrill Seekers

If you love sports cars and the idea of dropping from 368 feet in the air at 112 miles per hour, you're in luck. In April 2017, Ferrari is bringing its second theme park to fruition: Ferrari Land, inside the popular Spanish amusement park PortAventura World. (The car company's first park, Ferrari World, is in Abu Dhabi.)

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The Ferrari theme park will have five rides, and plenty of Ferrari-focused attractions.

The Ultimate Ferrari Experience

Ferrari Land is to Ferrari World as Disneyland is to Disney World. Except, everything is red, it's in Barcelona, and Ferrari Land will house the tallest roller coaster in Europe. You'll feel like you're in Maranello, Italy, the home of Ferrari, from the moment you step into the theme park. You might recognize replicas of Rome's Colosseum, The Basilica San Marco of Venice, and the home of Enzo Ferrari. Various Ferrari models will line the streets of an imitation Italian village, and you can even tour a reproduction of Ferrari's factory and production line.

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The Vertical Accelerator will be Europe's fastest and tallest roller coaster.

The Need For Speed

The headline-making roller coaster, called the Vertical Accelerator, will go from 0 to 112 mph in 5 seconds, and take riders up a 368-foot-tall spike, making it more than 100 feet higher than the second-tallest coaster in Europe, the 249-foot-tall Shambhala in PortAventura.

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But Ferrari Land will have five rides, so if you aren't into speed, you can try a few virtual simulators, or the Bounce-Back Tower. According to Conde Nast Traveler, it's meant to resemble "the bouncing movements of engine pistons." You can also drive miniature Ferrari cars on their test track (especially fun for young thrill seekers).

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The Park's Theme: Speed & Ferrari's Style

Ferrari's first amusement park, Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, is centered around the fastest roller coaster on Earth.

Written by Curiosity Staff February 14, 2017

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