Poop Transplants For Treating Infection

Poop Transplants For Treating Infection

These transplants are referred to as fecal microbiota transplantations, or stool transplants. When C diff infections don't respond to antibiotics, stool transplants have proven effective—most people recover after a single treatment. Once considered a fringe treatment, C diff is gaining support from scientists who argue that it should be a first-line therapy for CDI.

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Key Facts In This Video

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    Ecosystems with many species tend to be more resilient than those with few species. (0:03)

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    A fecal transplant aims to replenish the gut microbiome with a variety of species and stave off an overabundance of C diff bacteria. (1:14)

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    Microbial transplants also have applications in agriculture and aquarium maintenance. (2:02)

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