Family Games for Road Trips

Traveling your nation's open roads on a quest for adventure is an exciting tradition often planned for years. Hitting the highway in search of a far-off destination can offer breathtaking views of the mountains, endless cornfields of the flatlands, and send you whirling through a maze of skyscrapers all in a week's time. In fact, it's estimated that about 76% of travelers in the U.S. prefer cars when it comes to vacations. And although the trip will surely reveal much beauty along the way, what do you do for the other 12 hours of the drive to prevent going insane?

The answer is simple: Lots of snacks and some good ol' fashioned games. I-Spy, the "license plate game" and hangman are all timeless classics that have satisfied road-trippers for centuries. Did you know tic-tac-toe was invented in the first century B.C. during the Roman Empire, making it perhaps the oldest game in history still played today? So buckle in and get your thinking cap on for "20 Questions" as these videos help keep you occupied during your cruise along Route 66.

Written by Curiosity Staff June 4, 2014

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