Deep Sea

Extremophiles Live Where Most Things Can't

Extremophiles thrive in environments that humans deem "extreme," from lakes with high salt concentrations to deep-sea vents. They produce enzymes called "extremozymes" that help them to survive in these conditions. Specialized groups of extremophiles have different names; an acidophile, for example, is an organism that experiences optimal growth in an acidic pH, whereas a hypolith is an organism that lives beneath rocks in cold deserts.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Extremophiles are organisms that thrive in conditions that seem hostile to life. 00:17

  2. Extremophiles could potentially teach scientists about alien species. 02:06

  3. NASA scientist Richard Hoover has tried to find evidence of extremophile-like organisms inside carbonaceous meteorites. 03:13

Written by Curiosity Staff August 19, 2015

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