Exploring the "G" in LGBT

Although exact numbers are impossible to determine, data shows that approximately 1 in 10 individuals are gay. Despite the current cultural and political climates likely being the most gay-friendly in modern history, many loving male couples have yet to attain the right to marry, adopt or receive legal recourse against discrimination. Between 15 and 43 percent of gay workers report experiencing discrimination in the workplace. These cases are often left unresolved due to lacking federal statues prohibiting disparate treatment against LGBT workers.

Yet despite the ongoing struggle, many gay men have been prominent leaders throughout history. To those who knew them, Walt Whitman, James Dean and Cary Grant were men who loved other men behind the scenes, in a time when it was nearly impossible to come out. Today, we have openly gay professional athletes, CEOs, members of Congress and respected news journalists—progress, but a far cry from parity. Watch to learn some struggles gay men face, and be inspired by the hope of a better future.

Written by Curiosity Staff June 9, 2014

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