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Experts Claim They've Solved The Bermuda Triangle Mystery

Experts Claim They've Solved The Bermuda Triangle Mystery

The Bermuda Triangle, an area of ocean between Bermuda, Miami, and Puerto Rico, is embroiled in mystery. Claims of ships and planes mysteriously vanishing in this area—sometimes accompanied by theories about paranormal activity—have been commonplace since the days of Christopher Columbus. An October 2016 Science Channel documentary on the area reports on experts who claim to have "solved the mystery" of the Bermuda Triangle. But was there ever a mystery to solve? Explore both of these issues in the videos below.

Experts Claim They've Solved the Bermuda Triangle Mystery

It all comes down to the clues they got from hexagon-shaped clouds.


The Truth About The Bermuda Triangle

The area's perception is quite different from reality.

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Why Is The Bermuda Triangle So Mysterious?

Find out what has sparked such curiosity.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. The Bermuda Triangle is commonly described as a triangular area in the Atlantic Ocean stretching between Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. 00:15

  2. Since the early 1900s, more than 50 ships and 20 aircraft have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. 00:26

  3. One reason theory as to why there are no human remains in the Bermuda Triangle is because sharks and other predatory fish eat them up pretty quickly. 02:26

The Conspiracies Of The Bermuda Triangle

Explore the mysterious theories people have about the area.


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