Everybody Should Be Using a VPN — Here's Why

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Personal privacy is a battleground in the digital age, with civilian consumers, multi-national corporations, and shadowy government entities all at odds with one another over the proper way to handle personal information. This perennial struggle has returned to the spotlight in 2017 in the wake of terrorist attacks, a tumultuous presidential election, privacy legislation, and a remarkable spike in ransomware attacks across the globe. However, it has also become such a buzz conversation because consumers today have better access than ever to tools that can help keep their personal information private.

A Simple Solution

One of the most prominently discussed options: VPNs. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and they do just what the name implies. They let you connect to a network privately, encrypting the data you transmit so other computers on the network and even the internet service provider (ISP) can't decipher it. Most will even allow you to manipulate your IP address so you can appear to be browsing on a different device in a different location. More importantly, VPNs are readily available for purchase and extremely simple to install and use, which is why the sites you visit (including this one) have likely been gently imploring you to start using one soon.

One trusted VPN recommended by PC Mag is VPN Unlimited. Here are three big reasons why it's a great choice for your security needs.

VPN Unlimited

1. Privacy from your ISP and Government

On April 3, 2017, President Trump signed a joint resolution that nullified the FCC's "Protecting the Privacy of Customers of Broadband and Other Telecommunications Services." Regardless of where you stand on this legislation, it allows your ISP to sell your browsing history to any corporation or government, share your searches with third parties, track you with undetectable cookies, and, well, you get the point. They've always had a ton of access to your data, just now they can sell it to others without asking first.

What does that mean for you? Well, in most cases it just means the ads you'll see are even more spookily aware of your tastes and preferences, but it can also lead to sites being blocked, your browsing speeds being throttled, and there's just an ominous Big Brother vibe about it, isn't there?

VPN Unlimited will help limit the amount of data your ISP can collect from you, giving you a secure, encrypted connection, be it on your home WiFi or on a public hotspot. If you happen to live somewhere where the government puts restrictions on the content you can access (this is pretty much everywhere), VPN Unlimited lets you circumvent domestic firewalls by allowing you to browse on servers in 39 countries around the world, including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, and Japan.

2. Public WiFi ain't safe!

We mentioned it briefly before, but it bears repeating: VPN Unlimited will let you connect securely to public WiFi. You may not even think about it very much, but you very likely spend a lot of time on public WiFi, which you should seriously be more careful about considering 68% of unsecured public WiFi users fell victim to cybercrime as recently as 2014, and that number has only risen. Since public WiFi is made for the masses, hackers are able to connect and access your activity with extreme ease, which means they can be harvesting your credit card information while you're sipping your latte and browsing your new OKCupid messages.

Anything you access online while on public WiFi - your bank statement, auto loan, your favorite stores - it's all just floating there in cyberspace waiting to get plucked away by some nefarious person sitting just a few tables over. They might even have the same drink as you.

Not only will VPN Unlimited help you connect safely by encrypting your connection or routing your traffic through an external server, it's usable on up to ten devices, so you won't get caught connecting with an unsecured phone by accident.

3. Geo-blocked content is awesome

This one is just good fun. If you've gone abroad in the age of Netflix, you know that streaming services have different offerings based on where you are. Maybe it's not a deal breaker that you can't watch Stranger Things while you're in Japan for a week, but then again, maybe it is. VPN Unlimited has 53 servers in 39 countries around the globe so you can access content from around the globe while you're, well, around the globe.

Your privacy is important, and given how much personal information you communicate across the internet every single day, it's absolutely crucial that you take at least some measure of extra security. Being victimized by a cyberattack is just a terrible impetus to start protecting your browsing.

VPN Unlimited is just one solution of many available on the market, but it's an award winner and has been recognized by industry thought leaders like PC Mag, TechRadar, and VPN Service Providers as one of the top options available. That elite quality is the reason that it's typically on the pricier side, however, we've got a few special deals in the Curiosity Shop. Right now you can get a 3-year subscription for 76% off at $29.99, or a lifetime subscription starting at 90% off at $49.99.

Written by Curiosity Staff July 20, 2017

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