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Every Year, The Curiosity Rover Sings A Lonely Birthday Song

On August 5, 2012, NASA's Curiosity Rover touched down on the Martian surface for the first time. It entered the Martian atmosphere at a staggering 13,000 mph. Curiosity, a huge accomplishment in interstellar exploration, is the largest rover ever delivered to the surface of a planet. And when August 5th rolls around year after year as Curiosity cruises Mars' surface, the lonely rover performs a special task: it sings "Happy Birthday" to itself all alone. Researchers at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center programmed the celebratory song to play on August 5 every year. To do this, Curiosity produces a series of frequencies that mimic the notes in the song. Watch the videos below to hear Curiosity sing the song, and for more information about this historic rover.

Listen To The Curiosity Rover Sing "Happy Birthday"

The rover sings itself the tune every August 5, alone on Mars.

Building The Curiosity Rover

Find out how Curiosity came together at the Kennedy Space Center.

The Curiosity Rover Mars Landing

It took some impressive science to land Curiosity on the Martian surface.

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Curiosity Rover's 360-Degree Mars View


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