Every Killer Bee Descends From Hives Kept By One Biologist

Warwick E. Kerr was keeping hives of African honey bees and European honey bees in the hopes of breeding a new strain that was more efficient at honey production. However, a visiting beekeeper accidentally released 26 swarms of African honey bees from the hives in Brazil in 1857. These bees would slowly spread throughout the Americas, interbreeding with European honey bees and creating the hybrid species we now know as "killer" bees.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Warwick E. Kerr "created" killer bees when hives of his African honey bees escaped and interbred with Western honey bees. 00:19

  2. Most humans can tolerate about 10 bee stings per pound of body weight. 01:17

  3. If you're being pursued by a swarm of angry bees, jumping into a body of water won't make them go away. 01:43

Written by Curiosity Staff November 20, 2015

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