Ernest Vincent Wright's Novel With No "E"

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The 1939 novel "Gadsby" written by Ernest Vincent Wright is a 50,000-word book that does not contain the letter "e" at all. The book is a "lipogram" a work where the author purposefully excludes a letter from their text. Wright actually disabled the "e" key on his typewriter to help him avoid using the letter while writing the novel. It took Wright just under six months to complete the book. Unfortunately, Wright died just two months after publishing the book.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Ernest Vincent Wright wrote a 50,000-word novel that does not contain the letter "e." 00:04

  2. To avoid the letter "e," Ernest Vincent Wright described a turkey instead as a "Thanksgiving national bird." 01:03

  3. Ernest Vincent Wright died just two months after publishing "Gadsby." 03:09

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