Employees Spend Less Than Half Of The Workday Working

Bragging about how busy you are at work is now in style. You've been working late all week, you answer emails at home, and you even stop by the office on weekends. Employees regularly complain about work-life balance, but here's the thing... studies show we're spending less than 40% of our work day completing actual work. What gives?

Before you think we're accusing you of lazily checking your social media accounts or watching cat videos on YouTube, the National Bureau of Economic reports that this only accounts for 7% of employees' work days (roughly 34 minutes). The rest of our time is shared among answering emails, going to meetings (about half of which employees report as unproductive), and doing administrative tasks. The constant interruptions take workers off task, making them play catchup after-hours. As states, "employees are effectively being asked to accomplish the same job in fewer hours."

If you only spend 40% of your work day on work, then how much time do you actually require to be productive? Many Swedish businesses have been inspired by this research to adopt the six-hour workday. Instead of having eight hours to squander with interruptions, these businesses ask their employees to completely dedicate their time to task completion during a shorter window. There's also been an increase in remote work, including fully-remote businesses. Studies show that working remotely can improve both an employee's happiness and their productivity. In this scenario, employees are encouraged to work whenever they feel most productive, as long as they get their work done. Doesn't that sound nice? Now, off to a meeting... Learn more about work-life balance in the following videos.

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Written by Curiosity Staff November 15, 2016

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