Emmy Noether, Math And Physics Pioneer

Emmy Noether, Math And Physics Pioneer

Born Amalie Emmy Noether on March 23, 1882, Emmy Noether was a hugely influential mathematician. Noether's theorem, which she proved in 1915, connected symmetrical properties to laws of conservation, and she also contributed revolutionary work to the field of abstract algebra. Her gender and the fact that she was Jewish led many institutions to treat her unfairly and deny her pay or positions. Even so, Noether remained steadfast in her determination to both learn and teach until her death in 1935.

The Most Important Woman in the History of Mathematics


from Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

Key Facts In This Video

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    Noether's theorem connects conservation laws and symmetries in nature. (0:33)

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    Bicycle wheels don't fall over while rolling because they are rotationally symmetric, meaning that they conserve angular momentum. (0:58)

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    Because she was Jewish and a woman, Emmy Noether was persecuted and denied faculty positions throughout her life. (1:44)

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