Elvis Presley: The King Has Left The Building

In July of 1954, a then 19-year-old Elvis Presley recorded his first single "That's All Right (Mama)" at the now-famed Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee. Shortly thereafter, the baby-faced former truck driver and "outsider" in high school began his long and complex journey to fame and stardom. Yet privately Elvis remained a quirky and complicated person: he who preferred sponge baths, hated fish to the point no one in his home was allowed to eat it, and recorded six hit songs that contained the word "blue" in the title. When he was a mere 22-years-old he paid $102,500 for the 14-acre Graceland mansion and ranch that would later become synonymous with his life and career, then later as his final resting place.

Who was the real man behind those controversial rock'n'roll hips? Despite tremendous amounts of historical artifact, research and interviews, it's likely we'll never know the full story behind this legacy's life. Still, with the help of archival footage and more, we can start to piece together parts of the Presley puzzle. Learn more about this legendary singer's life, and how he came to inspire generations around the world.

Written by Curiosity Staff January 7, 2015

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