Einstein: The Man and The Genius

Einstein's Persistence Was Just As Important As His Genius

You know when your mom tells you "You're so smart—you could do anything," yet you're still stuck in a dead-end job and nobody else thinks you're anything special? Well, that was Einstein in his mid-20s. We now know he went on to develop some of the most important theories in physics, but he definitely didn't start at the top. Even though Einstein's family showered him with praise, he recognized that his persistence was what put him ahead of the pack. Hear about Einstein's productive spring of 1905 in the video below, then learn more about his claims to fame.

To get a better understanding of everybody's favorite genius, check out the biography "Einstein: His Life and Universe" by Walter Isaacson. The audiobook is free with a trial of Audible.

Einstein's Persistence, Not Genius, Is the Reason We Know His Name

It takes more than smarts to be successful.

Einstein's Special Theory Of Relativity Was Initially Met With A Universal Eye-Roll

Just imagine the universal explosion of praise that happened when Einstein published his theory of relativity! Then stop imagining. Whatever you're thinking, it probably went nothing like that.

Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity Was Initially Met With a Universal Eye-Roll arrow_forward

Einstein's Famous Equation Isn't The Full Story

It only accounts for objects that have mass and that aren't moving. In fact, it's an abbreviated version of a larger equation that works for both massless and moving objects, including photons.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. E=mc^2 only describes objects that have mass and that aren't moving. 00:06

  2. The equation for the energy of a moving, massless particle (such as a photon) is E=pc. 00:43

  3. An object's velocity is equal to the speed of light times the ratio of the object's momentum to energy. 01:08

Written by Curiosity Staff January 31, 2017

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