Eating Will Be Revolutionized With Virtual Reality Food

Eating Will Be Revolutionized With Virtual Reality Food

A world of virtual reality is on the horizon, so it's only natural that food would come up at some point. Companies like Project Nourished, which describes itself as "a gastronomical virtual reality experience," have begun experimenting with the many ways virtual reality could play into how and what we eat. Project Nourished supplies a diner with the following: a virtual reality headset, so a person can visualize what they're supposedly eating; aromatic diffuser, to create scents; bone conduction transducer, to mimic "the chewing sounds that are transmitted from the diner's mouth to ear drums via soft tissues and bones"; special utensils to translate the diner's movements to virtual reality; and 3D printed food that acts as a vehicle for articulating taste, texture, and consistency.

Virtual reality food could be helpful in a number of ways. First, you can eat high-calorie foods with none of the negative side effects. It may also be helpful for people with strict diet restrictions and allergies, or it can serve as eating therapy for people with eating disorders. VR food could also provide an easier eating options for the disabled and elderly, or a way for people to experience flavors and foods that don't currently exist.

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