Earthships Are Self-Sustaining Homes Built For Living Off The Grid

Want to ditch your utility bills forever? Consider an Earthship, a self-sustaining home built for living off the grid.

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Escape Your Utility Bills

Imagine for a minute being whisked away to a land of no electric bills, no water bills, no heat bills. Now imagine that place doesn't require living in a grass hut in the middle of the rainforest. (But hey, that works too.) The most futuristic way to get away from your utility bills and live as D.I.Y. as possible is inside an Earthship. These self-sustaining homes aren't hooked up to the power grid or water systems, but instead function entirely on their own to produce electricity, water, and even food. They harvest energy from the sun or wind, and keep their interiors cool via natural convection. The Earthship's walls, which are typically made from tires or other dense materials, help to keep the temperature comfortable at all times. And huts they ain't—some come in the form of awe-inspiring, eco-friendly Earth castles.

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Why Is Sustainable Living Important?

The main motivation behind sustainable living is the desire to do as little damage to the environment as possible. In case you didn't know, humans are incredibly wasteful (sure, other animals create waste and hurt the environment, but people definitely take the cake). Living in sustainable housing would greatly cut down your use of Earth's natural resources and help keep the world healthier, longer. Sure, there are plenty of conveniences that sustainable living may not afford, but for some, it's a compromise that's well worth it.

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Earthships: Living Off The Grid

They can be quirky looking, but also totally rad.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. An Earthship is a home that isn't connected to the power grid, provides its own heating and cooling, recycles its own water, and produces crops. 01:27

  2. The roofs of Earthships are designed to capture water, as well as hold solar panels and batteries. 04:16

  3. During warmer months, Earthships stay cool by capitalizing on the natural process of convection. 07:22

Creating Sustainable Cities

How soon can we get there?

Written by Curiosity Staff April 7, 2016

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