Earth Sciences

Earthquakes: The Science Behind the Destruction

They're the violent rumblings of the earth producing nothing but destruction and trauma—earthquakes. In fact, according to ancient Norse mythology, they're caused by struggling gods. The culprit is theshifting of tectonic plates along fault lines below the ocean floor, which cause the seismic activity experiences above sea level. Yet, to stop at moving rocks without exploring the fascinating science behind earthquake predictions, recording and subsequent damage would be an oversimplification of one of Mother Nature's nastiest tantrums.

This earth-shattering playlist dives deep into some of the most common questions behind the science of a rumbling planet. Do humans cause earthquakes? Is it true animals can sense them? Hold on tight and delve far beneath the deepest depths of the ocean to discover the enigmatic facts about earthquakes.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. There is no reliable way to predict earthquakes. 00:33

  2. Tectonic plates are around 100 km thick, making them hard to study. 01:07

  3. Rising levels of radon may indicate an earthquake. 01:34

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Written by Curiosity Staff April 2, 2014