Earth Overshoot Day Came Earlier Than Ever In 2016

Humanity's ecological footprint is bigger than it should be, and it's beginning to show. An ecological footprint represents how much humanity demands from the Earth in a given year. Right now, our demand is equal to what can be supplied from 1.6 planets, according to the Global Footprint Network (GFN). Earth Overshoot Day is the annual day on which humanity has consumed the amount of natural resources that the planet can regenerate over an entire year. In 2016, Earth Overshoot Day came on August 8th, the earliest in history—not a huge surprise, since the day has crept up on the calendar since it was first recorded on December 19, 1987. From that day on, humanity has been heading in the wrong direction. In 2015, Earth Overshoot Day landed on August 13th. The GFN is asking people to live more sustainably and is requesting that countries make a stronger effort with renewable resources. Watch the video below for more on Earth Overshoot Day.

Earth Overshoot Day 2016 Landed On August 8

It was the earliest Overshoot Day since we started keeping track.

Will We See More Wars Over Natural Resources?

These resources will only get slimmer and slimmer...

The Articial Leaf

Could this little "leaf" be the key to realistic renewable energy?

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The artificial leaf splits water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen, the latter of which can be used for fuel. 01:10

  2. The artificial leaf design doesn't rely on rare, expensive metals, but rather on readily available materials. 02:47

  3. Hydrogen produced by the artificial leaf needs to be captured and stored for use in a fuel cell that generates electricity. 04:32

Written by Curiosity Staff August 18, 2016

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