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DROP Box Is The Hotel Room That Goes Anywhere

Camping is nice, but for many, hotels are better. Could you imagine having luxury accommodations, wherever you need them—even on the lip of a sweeping canyon? DROP Box, a lightweight, mobile hotel room, makes that dream an eco-friendly reality.

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A View Like No Other

Why choose a portable hotel room over more traditional accommodations? You might not be able to count on getting room service, but the trade-off is more than worth it when you wake up literally surrounded by natural splendor. The lightweight rooms can integrate into virtually any environment, so you might find one overseeing a sweeping canyon vista, nestled in a grove of pine trees, or perched high on a mountain. According to the designers' website, "They have been designed to be placed in a natural spot, and easily removed without any ecological damage as a consequence of [their] presence."

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A Suite Of Outdoor Suites

The Barcelona-based design studio behind the DROP Box, In-Tenta, is led by designer Manel Duró and architect Marta Gordillo, who specialize in organic design for interiors and public spaces. They've developed a knack for working with natural, sustainable materials, which they put to work in their series of DROP structures. While DROP Box is probably most recognizably hotel-like with its right angles and bathroom suites, other designs such as the DROP Pod and the DROP XL make room for more visitors. Whichever design you go with, these structures are hardly for those who like roughing it in the wilderness: they've got 1–2 bedrooms, panoramic showers, and massive windows to let you take in all the scenery around you.

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Written by Curiosity Staff March 24, 2017

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