Dr. Seuss Originally Pronounced His Name "Soice" Like "Choice"

Born Theodor Seuss Geisel on March 2, 1904, Dr. Seuss was perhaps one of the best known children's book authors and illustrators. Though he wrote children's books, he never had any children of his own. And though he is known as Dr. Seuss, it is simply a pen name and he does was never a doctor. But the name confusion doesn't stop there-you likely pronounce the name Seuss to rhyme with "moose." Originally, the name was to be pronounced like "soice" as in "choice." Dr. Seuss stuck with the former because so many people kept saying it wrong.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Dr. Seuss was originally pronounced "soice" as in "choice." 00:22

  2. Dr. Seuss' first children's book was rejected by publishers 27 times. 01:03

  3. Dr. Seuss wrote 46 books that topped the bestseller list. 01:59

Written by Curiosity Staff February 25, 2016

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