Pioneering Women

Dr. Mae Jemison: The First African American Woman In Space

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Among her many other accomplishments, Dr. Mae Jemison was the first African American woman to enter orbit. When just was just 16, she received a scholarship to Stanford University where she studied chemical engineering and African and Afro-American studies. She also had a strong talent and passion for dance, and almost became a professional dancer. She took an Alvin Ailey Dance Company poster with her on her trip to space.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Dr. Mae C. Jemison believed it was her destiny to enter space. 00:25

  2. In her senior year of college, Dr. Mae C. Jemison debated between becoming a doctor or professional dancer. 00:46

  3. Dr. Mae C. Jemison became the first black female to travel into orbit in 1992. 01:28

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