Don't You Dare Double Dip Those Chips!

It's happened to all of us. You're chowing down on some chips and dip at a party when some monster comes along and double dips. You look at their gaping, unclean mouth and your mind races. Did they double dip those chips prior to your socially acceptable single dip? Have you been eating this person's mouth germs this whole time? It's not just us; science says it's a party foul, too.

Salsa Sanitation

In 2016, a group of Clemson University researchers decided to see just how gross your friend's double dipping habit really is. First, they dipped a bitten chip into a glass of water. According to Science Alert, the water that had been contaminated by the bitten chip "contained 1,000 more bacteria per mL of water than the one exposed to the whole chip."

"That's fine," you say. "I wouldn't dip a chip in water." Hold up, friend. Take a closer look at your salsa. It's got plenty of water. The bacteria nightmare is upon you.

The Clemson team tested some of our favorite sauces to see how they fared post-half-eaten-chip dunks. Salsa, cheese dip, and chocolate syrup all contained more bacteria. But the salsa got hit the worst with "more than five times more bacteria compared to the other two sauces." Why? Without viscosity, or as we like to say, gloopiness, more bits of dip are likely to fall back into the bowl. And as Paul Dawson, leader of the study, explains, the dip bits bring "bacteria from the mouth of the double-dipper" along with them. Ew.

Is The Risk Worth The Dip?

It's worth noting, however, that the salsa's high acidity brings its bacteria count down to meet the other dips' bacteria levels after two hours. But aren't we all teeming with bacteria, anyway? Does it really matter? Just remember that common bugs like the flu virus can spread through saliva. However, the following Tech Insider video admits that the risk is about the same as sharing a can of Coke. Still, your list of buddies you're willing to share soda with is probably pretty small. It may be worth securing and monitoring your own private bowl of dip at your next party. Keep it secret. Keep it safe.

Why You Should Never Double Dip

Written by Anna Todd June 29, 2017

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