Don't Throw Out Those Packets Of Silica Gel

They're kind of annoying when we find them floating around boxes of new shoes, but silica gel packets can be really useful. Don't throw them away! You never know when you might need the silica dioxide contained in these packets to help dry things out, like in your gym bag. Sticking some silica gel into your bag after a workout can help prevent bacteria and mold growth, not to mention help fight odor. Put a few at the bottom of your windshield to quickly defog it. Silica gel packets are also more effective than rice for saving a smartphone that accidentally got doused in water. And, the packets can protect old photos in boxes from sticking together or getting ruined by moisture. And one more hack, this one for your bathroom: put some silica gel packets in a baggie with your razor to significantly extend its longevity. For more details on what these packets are capable of, check out the video below.

Why You Shouldn't Throw Away Silica Gel Bags

They come in handy way more often than you think.

How Does Silica Gel Work?

Those little bags really pack a punch.

What's Actually In Silica Gel Packets?

And why do they say "do not eat"?

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Desiccants are materials that eliminate moisture. 00:20

  2. Adsorption is when a material sticks to the surface of a substance (unlike absorption). 00:40

  3. A single grain of silica gel can adsorb 40% of its weight in water. 01:01

Written by Curiosity Staff September 29, 2016

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