Does Your Birth Rank Determine Your Personality?

Much psychology research has been done on the significance of birth order, and what your birth rank might mean about your personality. Researchers analyzed 200 birth order studies to find that some personality traits were consistent with birth rank. Research shows that a person's personality is not dictated by being the youngest or oldest innately, but rather more by the roles, responsibilities and relationships to others in the family. This means that just because you're the first born, you're not guaranteed to be the smartest. However, because you're the oldest in comparison to your siblings, you've had more time to acquire knowledge. Similarly, the youngest of the pack may garner a reputation for being sheltered or having difficulty succeeding in certain areas like school or the job market-not because they're incapable, but because of the expectations put forth by older siblings.

Written by Curiosity Staff December 12, 2015

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