Extraterrestrial Life

Does The Wow! Signal Point To Alien Life?

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The Wow! signal was detected by the radio telescope The Big Ear on August 15, 1977. It wasn't discovered by human eyes until three days later, when astronomer Jerry Ehman recognized the significance of the sequence and wrote "Wow!" next to it on the computer printout. SETI later traced the signal to the constellation Sagittarius, but despite repeated efforts, scientists have been unable to detect it a second time.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. The Wow! signal was detected only once, in 1977. 00:13

  2. The Wow! signal was roughly 30 times as strong as standard background radio waves, and lasted for 72 seconds. 01:28

  3. In 2012, the National Geographic channel composed a "reply" to the Wow! signal. 02:57

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