Does Anyone Really Know Who Albert Pike Was?!

Genius or villain? Hero or traitor? History seemingly cannot make up its mind about General Albert Pike. Born in December of 1809, the exceptionally bright Pike is remembered today as a pioneer in the early courts of Arkansas and a confederate officer. He is the only confederate officer with a statue in Washington D.C. But that's not all. Many people believe different alleged details about his life, some include the following: he was the leader of the Ku Klux Klan, a Satan worshipper, a member of the Illuminati and harbinger of the coming new world order, or even the king of the Free Masons. People believe he wrote letters that accurately described the conditions that preluded the first two world wars.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Notorious American figure Albert Pike has been described as a genius, villain, and occultist. 00:50

  2. Some people believe Albert Pike had a magic bracelet that allowed him to commune with the devil. 01:37

  3. Albert Pike allegedly wrote a letter that specifically outlined the exact events that led to the first two world ears. 02:18

Written by Curiosity Staff April 12, 2016

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