Nikola Tesla

Do You Believe The Legend Of The Black Knight Satellite?

Is an ancient alien satellite orbiting the Earth? That's the question conspiracy theorists ask in reference to the Black Knight Satellite legend. According to the story, Nikola Tesla picked up radio signals in 1899 that he believed were from an intelligent source in space. HAM radio operators received the signals as well. American newspapers ran the story in the 1960s when questions arose again about the mysterious signals. A dark object was photographed in the 1990s that people believed was the source of the signals Tesla received. Logical explanations for the sights and sounds have since been reached.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. As of 2008, the U.S. Air Force estimated that about 10,000 known objects orbit Earth. 00:46

  2. Nikola Tesla and HAM radio operators allegedly picked up radio signals in 1899 he believed were from an intelligent source in space. 01:14

  3. The X-37B orbital test vehicle is an unmanned shuttle whose missions remain classified. 03:19

Written by Curiosity Staff March 11, 2016

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