Do Women and Men Communicate Differently?

For decades, it's been said that men and women communicate so inherently differently they may as well be from opposite planets. While we can't yet prove that to be true, studies do show different behavioral patterns when it comes to gender and communication. In general terms, men think of communication as a fairly straightforward, cut-and-dry task that involves clear motives. In other words, they tell it like they see it. Women, on the other hand, tend to be more cautious about saying directly what they're thinking and often use both verbal and nonverbal tactics to secretly garner clues about the information they want. Another interesting area of distinction is found in negotiation tactics, particularly when asking the boss for a raise or a desirable starting salary. Studies show that men initiate negotiations at a rate four times that of women, while 20 percent of women don't try to make a deal at all. Similarly, women are willing to shell out an extra $1,300 to avoid going in circles with a car salesman.

So why the striking differences, and are there any ways in which men and women communicate similarly? How does body language play a role in conveying emotions, ideas, wants and needs? These videos will not only give you insight into how to better exchange feelings and express yourself with members of the opposite gender, but will also get you started on a trek to connect on the same planet.

Written by Curiosity Staff June 12, 2014

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