Dive Down Into The Unexplored Twilight Zone

Dive Down Into The Unexplored Twilight Zone

More people have been on the moon than have visited the Twilight Zone. And maybe that's understandable, given the region's depth and high pressure. A dive down there requires specialized equipment, including bulky, redundant sets of gear in case anything goes wrong. But trips to the Twilight Zone are inevitably rewarding, with new species always swimming into view amidst the coral.

Science Today: Pressure in the Twilight Zone | California Academy of Sciences


Key Facts In This Video

  • 1

    The Twilight Zone is located below normal scuba diving range, but above the range of submersibles. (0:05)

  • 2

    Divers in the ocean's Twilight Zone experience pressure about 10 times greater than surface pressure. (1:35)

  • 3

    Divers that descend to the Twilight Zone only have 15–20 minutes to perform their work before beginning an ascension that takes multiple hours. (2:44)

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