Digging Up The Strangest Fossils

Fossils, even strange ones, are one of the best clues we have to tracing back species' origins—from plants, to fish, to early humans. Archeologists refer to fossil records to tell the story of Earth's earliest inhabitants and can fill in significant historical and anthropological gaps. In 2001, scientists in northwest China discovered more than 100 dinosaur footprints believed to date back as far as 100 million years. In Korea, researchers found a 100-million-year-old crocodilian dinosaur fossil, believed to be the oldest complete dinosaur skull in existence. Thanks to the preservation of bones, feathers, fur, hard bodies and more through fossils, the secrets to periods such as Crustaceous and Jurassic are slowing being unlocked.

To what depth do fossils reveal the origins of species? What can they tell us about other areas of study, such as geography, geology or zoology? Scientists are looking for the answers to these questions and more. Take a journey through time with these videos as experts explain the details in discovering some of the strangest fossils.

Written by Curiosity Staff July 7, 2014

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