Diagnosing Cancer With A Dog's Nose

Several studies have suggested that dogs are able to discern between healthy and cancerous tissue. They have sniffed blood plasma, urine, and even people's breaths, and seem to detect the tiny molecules that indicate a tumor. Their abilities aren't exclusive to a single cancer type—they've been able to identify prostate cancer, lung cancer, and breast cancer, to name a few. Scientists hope that studying these talented canines will lead to improvements in our own cancer-sensing technology.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. Cancer cells produce waste products that give off a noticeable odor for dogs. 01:21

  2. Dogs seem to be able to sense when someone's blood-sugar levels are low or about to drop dangerously. 03:11

  3. When afraid, humans sweat, produce adrenaline, and emit pheromones, all of which dogs are able to detect. 05:35

Written by Curiosity Staff November 2, 2015