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Detox Products Are Nothing But A Sham

Do not believe what the commercials and food labels are telling you—detoxing your body is not a thing. Although "detox" is a hot word in the healthy living industry, don't be fooled. Your liver, kidneys, skin, and other organs are doing all the detoxifying your body needs. If your body actually contained all the built-up toxins that marketers mention in commercials and promotions, you'd be in need of immediate medical attention. Or dead.

Simply put, detoxing is pseudoscience at best, and just a random marketing term at worst. The people who actually can detox their bodies are those with life-threatening drug addictions. Regular people who just eat fast food and beer every once in awhile? There's nothing a detoxifying tea will do for that, because there's no shortcut to being healthy besides eating right and exercising. Watch how detox product companies can't even specify which toxins they claim to target in the video below.

Product That Promise "Detox" Are A Sham

Yes, all of them.

Why Detoxes Don't Work

Same goes with "cleanses."

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Detox and other health fads have been around for centuries, and are generally debunked by medical science. 00:19

  2. Here's how colon-cleansing products work: 02:21

  3. Intermittent fasting has been shown to have some positive health benefits. 03:04

3 Misconceptions About Juice Cleanses

It's no cure-all.

Written by Curiosity Staff October 3, 2016

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