Designing A Particle Accelerator Requires Creativity

Designing A Particle Accelerator Requires Creativity

Particle accelerators almost seem straight out of a science-fiction movie, but they're the real deal. This is a machine that is designed to either take atoms with electrons stripped off (ions) or protons, and give them energy to build up speed. This usually happens using electric and magnetic fields. Find out why this is helpful, and how these machines are designed in the videos below.

How To Design A Particle Accelerator

It requires more creativity than you'd think.

The Royal Institution
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How Does A Particle Accelerator Work?

Amazing physics happening all over the place.

Brit Lab
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5 Things You Should Never Do With A Particle Accelerator

In case you find yourself dealing with one...

Institute of Physics
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The Man Who Put His Head Inside A Particle Accelerator

So, what happened?!

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