Deliciously Different Ways to Enjoy Bacon

The word "bacon" can be traced back thousands of years to the 14th century, despite what recent inventions like bacon vodka may have you believe. Today, the average American eats 17.9 pounds of bacon per year. However, Denmark takes the (bacon-flavored) cake when it comes to the most pork consumption in the world. The typical Dane eats approximately 145.9 kg, or 321.65 pounds, of meat per year. Can you blame them?

The Danes, like many people around the world, enjoy the salty, cured, smoky pork strip on sandwiches, as a side, with a snack, and most recently as glitzy cocktails and decadent desserts. Bacon has transcended beyond the role of breakfast sidekick and into downright pork celebrity status. The treat contains Choline, a nutrient known to help facilitate fetal development in pregnant women and even shares the spotlight with Canadian bacon (which is really just fully cooked, thinly sliced pork loin). It's often featured in fashion, artwork, mixology and, of course, the kitchen table. Check out these videos for some mouth-watering recipes featuring the one and only: bacon.

Written by Curiosity Staff May 26, 2014

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