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Dangle Your Feet Off The "End Of The World" On This Precarious Swing

Swingsets aren't just for kids anymore. Take one look at the "swing at the end of the world" in Ecuador and that will be made abundantly clear. Two things are required for a ride on this precarious swing: $1 and a well of bravery.

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I Love To Swinga

The swing at the end of the world isn't a literal title, but that's not to say it's unimpressive. Sitting on the swing gives you a completely unobstructed view of the valley below your toes. Hope you're not afraid of heights, because that view is of the steep 1,000-foot drop-off into a valley. (By the way, there are no belts, nets, or restraints on or near the swing.) This downright rickety-looking swing can be found in Baños, Ecuador, deep in the country's lush wilderness.

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A Swing With A Story

While the swing is open for tourists to ride for a buck, it was not built to attract visitors. As reported by AJ+, an Ecuadorian man named Carlos Sánchez built La Casa Del Arbol (which translated to "the Treehouse") as a seismic monitoring station to keep a close eye on the nearby active volcano, Mt. Tungurahua. Once the treehouse was built, he added the long swing that, he tells AJ+, helps him to relax and feel like a kid again. A kid that enjoys just a taste of death-defying danger with calming mountain views, that is.

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The Swing At The Edge Of The World

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Written by Curiosity Staff April 5, 2017