D. B. Cooper's Case Has Been Closed By The FBI After 45 Years

In 1971, a strange man who called himself Dan Cooper boarded a plane in Oregon that was headed to Seattle. During the flight, he calmly handed notes to a stewardess with a few demands written on it. Most notably, Cooper wanted $200,000 and told the stewardess he had a bomb in his suitcase. The plane landed, Cooper freed the plane's 36 passengers in Seattle for a sum of $200,000 cash, and instructed the flight crew to head to New Mexico. Mid-flight with the ransom money, Cooper parachuted out and was never found.

No one knows where D.B. Cooper ended up, or really much about him at all. The FBI officially closed the case after 45 years of searching for details about the man, calling it one of the longest and most exhaustive investigations in the organization's history. In the first five years of the investigation, the FBI had interviewed roughly 800 potential suspects. And now the search is officially over. Check out the video below for more info on this mystery.

The D.B. Cooper Case Has Been Closed

Will we ever learn more about the mysterious man?

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Written by Curiosity Staff August 8, 2016

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