Curiosity Presents: The Science of Love

You know it when you feel it: your pulse races, your cheeks flush, your stomach flips. You can't stop thinking about someone, and when you see them, you can't think straight. You're in love.

But what's actually going on when you fall for someone? How does it affect your brain? Or your heart? And what happens when that love ends?

In Curiosity's Science of Love series, we're investigating what happens to your mind and body when you fall in love (and out of it). Plus, science-backed tips for a happy relationship.

How Love Affects Your Body

This Is Your Brain On Love

After scanning the brains of 100 students, researchers discovered differences in brain activity between those who were in love, those who weren't, and those who had recently gone through a breakup. Read more >

Your Voice Changes When You're Attracted To Someone

Clumsy, awkward moments always happen more when you're around your crush. (Convenient, right?) What you might not expect to happen? Your voice drops. Read more >

You're More Attracted To People When They Have Different Immunity Genes Than You

A 2016 study showed that certain people might smell better to you because a group of their genes is mismatched with yours. Read more >

The Scientifically Backed Secrets To A Happy Relationship

Sharing Household Chores Might Be The Key To Marriage

In 2014, a study found that 83 percent of women and only 65 percent of men spent some time doing household activities. But research shows that working on those numbers could be the secret to a strong relationship. Read more >

The Best States To Find Romance

Feeling unlucky in love? You might need to move. According to a December 2016 study, Virginia is not the best state for lovers (it's #21). Read more >

Jealousy Could Be Good For Your Relationship

Jealousy is a normal, common, and often terribly uncomfortable. With the rise of social media, there are new opportunities to become jealous around every corner. But it turns out that jealousy may not be the relationship killer we think it is. Read more >

Heartbreak: What's Going On?

Why Men Have a Harder Time Getting Over Breakups

No one likes a broken heart. But research shows that men find it more difficult to move on than women do. Watch the video >

A Broken Heart Is More Likely To Suffer A Heart Attack

The day after the death of a loved one, your risk of heart attack skyrockets to an incredible 21 times higher than normal. Why? Read more >

The Museum of Broken Relationships Is A Monument To Failed Love

Things are often displayed in museums for the value they bring to the public, but at the Museum of Broken Relationships, the greatest meaning belongs to the people who gave the pieces away. Read more >

Written by Curiosity Staff February 13, 2017

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