Curiosity Presents: Design Innovation

Curiosity Presents: Design Innovation

What is Design? How does it affect our lives? Are we even aware of when it does? Explore design from all angles and see how it impacts everything from the mundane to the magical. Using state of the art VR and 360 filming, Toyota takes you inside the world of designers with great potential. Known as 'The Potentialists' these designers are welcoming you into their worlds. Go for a dunk with an underwater drone or feel just a little bit small next to giant steel sculptures. The Potentialists bring a whole new perspective.


Key Facts In This Video

  • 1

    The robots that Fetch Robotics has created are barely a year and a half old. (0:49)

  • 2

    The robots help boost worker efficiency by assisting with tasks like picking packages in shipping warehouses. (1:03)

  • 3

    Engineers try to make the robots look approachable by designing them with wide heads and other "cute" features. (1:36)

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