Curiosity Presents: Alone Participants

Surviving in the wilderness is not easy. Surviving in the wilderness with limited tools, an open timeframe, and absolutely no help is nearly impossible. The Second Season of HISTORY® "Alone" is upon us. Each of these survivalists have been challenged to live on Vancouver Island with no one but the bears (and other wild animals) to keep them company. They were permitted to bring 10 survival tools--and only 10--from a pre-approved list, and had to use their best judgment to select their gear. Check out the videos below to see what tools they chose, what would you have chosen? Follow their progress by watching "Alone" on HISTORY®, Thursdays at 9pm ET.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. A bivy bag keeps your sleeping bag from getting wet in the wilderness. 00:19

  2. A ferro rod is a tool that can reliably generate sparks to start a fire regardless of the outdoor conditions. 00:38

  3. A straight-bladed saw allows for precise cuts during carpentry work or shelter-building. 01:05

Key Facts In This Video

  1. Folding saws can allow survivalists to cut down branches that are high up in the trees. 00:35

  2. A gill net hangs in a body of water and ensnares passing fish. 01:06

  3. Pemmican is a mixture of fat, dried meat, and (sometimes) fruit that serves as a calorie-dense snack option for survivalists. 01:47

Written by Curiosity Staff August 6, 2016

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