Curiosity Makes Your Brain Happy

Curiosity Makes Your Brain Happy

When you're very curious about a topic, that curiosity affects the chemistry of your brain. It prompts the release of dopamine, activates the reward system, and ups your motivation to learn. Not only that, but it increases your capacity to learn, too. A 2014 study found that curiosity primed subjects' brains to both enjoy and remember learning information. The improved memory even applied to information that wasn't relevant-simply by studying a topic they were interested in, participants could more easily remember a random face that was shown during the learning process.

The Science of Wonder

Curiosity changes the chemistry of your brain. (In a good way, we promise.)


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Key Facts In This Video

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    Curiosity changes the chemistry of your brain. (0:26)

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    In a 2014 study, when participants were showed questions that interested them, parts of their brains associated with dopamine release became active. (0:58)

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    Learning while experiencing curiosity about a topic improves your brain's ability to store both relevant and irrelevant information. (1:47)

What Is Curiosity?

It's not unique to animals.


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Can You Build Curiosity?

Why an unbridled desire for knowledge is a great thing.


from It's Okay To Be Smart

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