Cryonics Freezes Your Body So That You Could One Day Come Back To Life

Cryonics facilities subscribe to the belief that in the future, medical technology will have advanced enough to "resurrect" people who are legally dead in today's terms. One famous cryonics company, Alcor, keeps tabs on its members so that it can begin the preservation process as soon as they pass. They replace blood and bodily fluids with an antifreeze solution, then cool the body to around -320 degrees Fahrenheit before transferring it to a container of liquid nitrogen. (The body is wrapped in a sleeping bag so that the nitrogen doesn't damage the skin.)

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The cryonics company Alcor has preserved more than 100 human bodies in the hopes of one day resurrecting them. 00:12

  2. Cryonics patients can choose to preserve their heads alone. 01:30

  3. At the cryonics company Alcor, bodies are kept upside-down inside large metal canisters of liquid nitrogen. 02:44

Written by Curiosity Staff November 25, 2015

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