Crows Can Recognize Your Face And Remember You Afterwards

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Biologist John M. Marzluff was the first person to test crows' ability to recognize and remember faces. By having scientists who captured the crows wear caveman masks, he was able to study the birds' reactions to the masks in the months after they were released. He found that the crows would scold people who wore the masks, and that they seemed to instruct other crows to scold them as well. Before long, most of the crows on the campus were yelling at anyone who wore the caveman mask-and ignoring people who wore a "neutral" Dick Cheney mask.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. After capturing and releasing crows while wearing a caveman mask, scientists found that wild crows would "scold" people who wore the mask in the future. 00:45

  2. Crows seem to tell one another which humans are "friends" and "foes." 01:02

  3. Crows can remember the face of an "enemy" human for more than two years. 01:43

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