Crayola Crayon Colors You've Never Heard Of

The first Crayola crayon was manufactured Binney & Smith on July 10, 1903. Since then, hundreds of distinctly colored crayons have been produced at the iconic factory. The original colors that are still produced today include red, goldenrod, olive green, magenta, and carnation pink, plus only a few others. Dozens of unique colors have been added to and removed from the lineup, many of which you've likely never heard of. For example, the pinkish-red Permanent Geranium Lake was only produced from 1903 to 1910. A light green shade called Inchworm was introduced in 2003. A dark brown adorably named Fuzzy Wuzzy was added to the lineup in 1998. All of the crayons are made in Crayola's eastern Pennsylvania plant. The crayons are made from a proprietary mix of pigments and other ingredients before getting wrapped twice for strength. The factory makes 8,500 crayons per minute, and a staggering three billion crayons per year. We've collected some awesome videos on this topic. Watch them now to learn more.

The Life of an American Crayon

Written by Curiosity Staff July 26, 2016

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