Cows That Are Addressed By Name Make More Milk

Cows That Are Addressed By Name Make More Milk

A study that surveyed more than 500 dairy farmers found that naming cows had a significant impact on milk yields. Those farmers who called their cows by name got around 2,105 gallons (7,968 liters) of milk over the cows' 10-month lactation cycle, compared to around 2,029 gallons (7,680 liters) reported by those who didn't name their cows. Scientists believe that addressing the cows by name might have a calming effect on the animals, reducing the production of the stress hormone cortisol, which can impede milk production.


Key Facts In This Video

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    The average cow can produce about 100 glasses of milk each day. (0:41)

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    Cows don't have four stomachs—they have one stomach with four compartments. (1:06)

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    Holstein cows produce more milk per day than any other type of cow. (1:51)

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