"Count" Victor Lustig May Have Been the World's Smoothest Con Man

Born in 1890 in the Czech Republic, a man named Victor Lustig may have been the smoothest con man the world has ever seen. He is most famous for his unbelievable 1925 scheme. It was in this year that he actually made a deal to sell the Eiffel Tower. He met with scrap metal dealers in Paris to sell one of them the metal of the Eiffel Tower after the Tower was to be torn down. A man named Andre Poisson won the bid, paying "Count" Victor Lustig the equivalent of one million of today's dollars. Once he had the money in his hand, Lustig fled. Poisson discovered it was a scam, but failed to report it, being too ashamed to fall for such a scheme. He repeated the scheme six months later, but fled to the United States when it wasn't going according to plan.

Written by Curiosity Staff March 16, 2016

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