Could You Be A Genius?

Genius: it's a loaded word. Is it someone who tirelessly studies? A person born with the capacity for deep intellect? An anomaly of nature? According to research, the answer may involve a bit of all of the above. A predisposition to understand complex topics and critical thinking, combined with the right set of environment, resources and time for hours of practice all add to the recipe for genius. However, there are a few traits that researchers have found to be common among those considered achieving genius status—both good and bad. For example, substance abuse and alcoholism, difficulty maintaining relationships and mental illness are all prevalent among the super smart. Yet other traits, such as blue eyes (present in the likes of Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking), unique hobbies and doodling are proved strong indicators of high IQs as well. So what does it all mean?

People with high enough IQs and societal contributions to be considered genius often demonstrate some of the strangest behaviors, likes and personality traits. Ranging from the highly creative and uninhibited intellectually, to precise and disciplined, it's thought that genius usually occurs within a perfect storm of circumstances. Check out this playlist to see if you have hidden genius within.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. People who experience an injury and then exhibit creative talents they hadn't had before are said to have acquired savant syndrome. 00:15

  2. One North Dakota man found that he could suddenly play the piano after suffering a severe concussion. 01:02

  3. Acquired savant syndrome may result from the brain "reorganizing" itself after becoming damaged. 02:01

Written by Curiosity Staff September 3, 2014

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