Could We Travel To The Edge Of The Universe?

The universe technically has two "edges": the particle horizon, a distance of about 46 billion light-years that brings us to the end of what we can observe in space, and the cosmic event horizon, a distance of about 16 billion light-years, beyond which we can't receive information. These are edges of mankind's devising-the universe could be infinite, in which case it would extend past these markers. But it could also be curved in a way that humans have yet to measure, and so further speculation about its shape and its boundaries is needed.

Key Facts In This Video

  1. The observable universe measures approximately 93 billion light-years across. 01:04

  2. We're able to see galaxies beyond the cosmic event horizon that we could never reach or signal. 03:37

  3. It's possible that the curvature of the universe is so small that we haven't yet been able to detect it. 06:12

Written by Curiosity Staff December 1, 2015

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