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Cool A Drink In 2 Minutes With Water, Ice, And Salt

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"Ahhh, a nice, refreshing, room-temperature can of pop..." said no one ever. In case you're in a situation with a lukewarm can of soda, there's a quick life hack you can employ to chill the can in about two minutes. All it takes is a bowl, water, ice, and salt. You don't even need a refrigerator! Watch the video below to see exactly how it's done.

How To Cool A Drink In 2 Minutes

You have all the necessary supplies at home.

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Salt Is The Secret To Making Warm Drinks Cold

Amazing science at work!

How Does Salt Melt Ice?

Salt melting ice is a major component in cooling lukewarm cans of pop.

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Key Facts In This Video

  1. The reason salt is used to clear up snow and ice isn't due to melting, but freezing point depression. 00:37

  2. The chloride leftover from winter salt can have potentially negative affects on the environment. 01:29

  3. Here's a few alternatives to salt and sand that can help dissolve ice: 02:11

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